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Bee Happy

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It was a warm day in May and the sun was shining bright. Ryan and I were walking the perimeter of the yard, prepping it before beginning to mow the lawn. We were picking up sticks, rocks, pinecones etc. from the yard so the mower doesn't run over them. We were checking around one of the thickets, in the general area, where our resident trio of rabbits reside. Here is one of our resident rabbits resting in under one of our lilac bushes.

A closeup of an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit.

Just as we were saying "Hello" to the rabbits, we overheard an amazing humming sound. We looked overhead and saw this swarm of bees. It was amazing to be this close to the swarm and we couldn't help but wonder why these bees decided to leave their home.

A honey bee swarm in a bush.

The swarm was pretty close to the ground and we thought it may need to be relocated. We decided to contact the local bee chapter, the Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association, for assistance. We began calling people, in the closest proximity to Meadowlark Ridge, from their swarm removal list. We did make contact with an individual that came to the property and he made an attempt for the removal of the swarm as you can see below.

A beekeeper setting up a box to capture the bee swarm.

Setting up a box to relocate the bee swarm.

A box ready to capture and relocate the bee swarm.

We observed the swarm removal attempt from a safe distance. Unfortunately, the bees did not cooperate with entering the box to leave the property with the beekeeper. We were able to observe the bees re-swarming and grouping back up high in a taller tree close by us. We were thankful for the assistance from the local bee club. This was just another day for Ryan and I to reconnect with nature and remember that nature is a beautiful thing with a mind of its own.

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